Empowering You To Fight Against Climate Change

An Exhibit That Brings Awareness to the Climate Crisis

Power Tower

The Power Tower exhibit, which is run entirely on solar and wind energy, encourages young people to become aware of climate change and demonstrates how they can have a positive role in healing our planet.

200915 Power of Us (Droughts)

About Us

Many decades ago, Jim Goodman, a retired engineer, became alarmed about the evermore severe climate crisis which his generation had failed to address. With the climate clock ticking, Jim decided to build an exhibit that would demonstrate alternative energies, and that is how the Power Tower project began. Since that time, Jim and his wife Annie have made a documentary on climate change named The Power of Us, which can be seen here.

Dust Storms
Melting Glaciers
200915 Power of Us Final_Moment 23

Directions to Power Tower Exhibit

On Green Bay Road, turn east on South Avenue and take an immediate right past the tracks. You will pass tennis courts and there is a playground just beyond the courts. Park your vehicle in any available space. The Glencoe Community Garden is just west of the playground and the entrance is always open. Proceed into the Garden and walk left until you arrive at the exhibit.

Children Viewing Exhibit